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In a perfect world, this section would not exist. I did not volunteer to fight in a perfect world, but instead, the real world, on which we live. I knew then and know now that fighting battles against enemy forces in a foreign country on blood stained battlefields is only part of it. Being willing to come home and continue to stand for truth, truth about what happened over there, and truth about what happened, and is continuing to happen, here at home is also essential. That is what this section is about. 

It is my desire to help, in some small way to make you aware. Aware that we have a President who is a draft dodger and a liar about even that. Aware that today there are hundreds or even thousands of  "wannabes" out there who did not serve, did not serve honorably, or were not satisfied with the truth of their service and they have "Stolen our Valor" by lying about their service. By the very nature of their requiring the limelight they have stolen the valor (or attempted to) from the real heroes by making themselves the center of attention. The real heroes are the young men who died in Viet Nam, giving their all for their country, even if they did not agree with it. The real heroes are the 18 and 19 year old kids who went and did their duty uneventfully and came home with no parade, and the real heroes are the few who did a little something extra and came home with a valor medal they earned. 

This "Hall of Shame" is about the cowards, liars, and draft dodgers who have no idea what a real American Hero is, all of whom Bill Clinton is the chief. It is not my intention to 'go after them' as the others do on their wannabe page. It is not my desire to see anyone punished or in jail over it. It is only my intention to make you, the public America, aware of what a real American is and point out how to identify a "wannabe".