Viet Nam Veterans of America
A Warning to Viet Nam Veterans
What Viet Nam Veteran would not want to belong to an organization called "Viet Nam Veterans of America"? It sounds patriotic, it sounds sympathetic towards VN veterans, it makes one think it is FOR the VN vet. But it's all a lie. 
What would you think if I told you the Viet Nam Veterans of America organization was really, "Viet Nam Vets against the War" reborn into a new name? What would you say if I told you your dues and the money donated by other individuals went to taking trips to North Viet Nam to pay tribute to Ho Chi Minh? What would you think if I told you draft dodgers (you know, some of the cowards you fought for) were members in good standing of VVA?  Well, it's true! That and more. This organization should not be joined by any red blooded American Viet Nam Vet, because you are hated by this organization. 

Here are some facts. 
Six VN Vets met in 1967 while marching in an antiwar demonstration. They started the VVAW (Viet Nam Veterans against the War).

The VVAW pushed the agenda in their anti-war activities that Americans perpetrated atrocities in VietNam. (So if you were called a 'Baby killer', blame the VVAW).

Al Hubbard, Executive Secretary for the VVAW blamed "The crimes against humanity, the war itself..." on America and our effort to keep communism out of America. (Al Hubbard claimed that he was a wounded in Viet Nam Air Force Officer. He was NOT an officer, not wounded, and did NOT serve in Viet Nam.)

Cofounder, Jan Barry stated, "One cannot participate in the Viet Nam War without being at least in complicity in committing war crimes." Barry was NOT a combat vet, but did serve in VN.

One time VVAW member Robert O. Muller, left the VVAW and started the VVA (Viet Nam Veterans of America). Muller, the President of the VVA accepted $500 from Jane Fonda for the organization. Muller stated, "It may seem unconscionable to you. I don't deal with membership. The only function I have with the organization is to raise money."

The president of VVA, Robert Muller, stated on the Donahue show, "Phil, I think Jane Fonda epitomizes what being an American citizen is all about.  It's involvement with what we're doing as a country, not only domestically but around the world. There is a woman who has taken a position that is based on principle and belief. Whether it's right or wrong is obviously for debate. She has gotten into the process, and has made a commitment to be a player. That is patriotism. A lot of Vietnam vets will respect the fact that she took a difficult position and she advocated the truth."

In December 1981, Muller and a delegation from the VVA made a pilgrimage to Hanoi to meet with the Communist Government of Vietnam. Muller laid a wreath on Ho's grave inscribed, "With respect, from the Vietnam Veterans of America."  A fifty-minute documentary titled, "Going Back:Return to Vietnam" ran on public TV. At the tomb of Ho, Muller stated, "You do have an immediate sense of respect, I can tell you that, too. Cannot help but have respect for the man." (Muller made many many anti-American statements while in North Vietnam, including saying America massacred hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese because they refused to give up their freedom.) Muller said, "I consider myself very much a patriotic American." (So does Jane Fonda Mr. Muller).

In 1982 Muller returned to Hanoi for a second trip.

Thomas A. Bird, cofounder of VVA also went to Hanoi. Bird claimed to be a POW from Viet Nam. It's all a lie. He confessed in 1985 that he lied about it, but still maintains a position in the VVA.

Actually the list could go on for a long time. But I decided to present this much to you and by now you should be able to make up your mind to stay away from the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America).  If you are already a member, get out.

Remember, joining the VVA is stating that Ho Chi Minh is someone you respect. Joining the VVA is agreeing that Jane Fonda "epitomizes what being an American citizen is all about.", and that you "respect that she advocated the truth". Not me, not ever.  Ben Drake