"Campaign Medals"
"What Operations We Were In"
The Marine Corps was involved in seventeen campaigns in Viet Nam. But individual units were involved in many other "Operations". I am trying to compile all of these here and requests your help. Please check your Service Records and other logs and send me the names and dates of all you have. Thanks! 
First Marine Division
Operation Lancaster 
Operation Charlton 
Operation Kentucky 
Operation Napolen/Saline II 
Operation Scotland II 
Operation Kentucky 
Operation Charlie (Khe Sanh) 
Operation Scotland II (Robin South) 
Operation Kentucky/Thor 
Operation Lancaster II North 
Operation Scotland II East(Balong Bravo) 
Operation Allen Brook 
Operation Houston 
Operation Allen Brook 
Operation Mameluke Thrust 
Operation Pocahontas Forest 
Operation Daring Endeavor 
Operation Meade River 
Operation Durham Peak 
Third Marine Division
So far I have not been able to come up with official dates that include the entire operation. Any help is much appreciated.