The above banner was stolen from the web. I love it. What a statement!
You've seen the commercials.  
"Be one of the Few, the Proud, the Marines."  
Here they are. Enjoy them.
Click either of the two pictures to the right for the shorter versions.  
1.5 Megs.  
NOTE: Click to view, "right click" to download.
Click either of the two pictures to the left for the longer/nicer versions.  
3 Megs  
These VOC files are really nice and well worth the download time. 
U.S. Marine Corps Reconnaissance
Great show 4.8 Megs
(NOTE: After the pop-up window loads, 
you must click on it to start the movie)
Toys for Tots does so very much good. Click the train above or the picture to the left and let your heart be moved and ready to help the Marines next year with this good cause.