"Unit Rosters"
"Who Was There?"
If you want a unit roster for your unit in Viet Nam or perhaps to help you to find someone you served with, you can write this address and they will send it to you.
Headquarters United States Marine Corps
Personnel Management Support Branch (MMSB)
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5030
If you have fax capability you could fax a request to MMSB
@703 784 5792
Ask for two months of unit rosters for the Company they/you were in.  Be sure to give the Battalion and Regiment (the full unit designation) they/you were in. Once you have the rosters, you can start trying to locate people that were in the unit with them.  A good way to do that is through http://www.switchboard.com.  This is a web site that has the name, telephone number and address of every listed telephone in America.
Thanks to Carl King