Medal of Honor Navy Cross Silver Star Bronze Star

The Hall of Heroes is a place to publicly display our American heroes. A place to show our gratitude for what they have done for their and our country. While I am not placing any limits on branch of service, I am concentrating mainly on Marines because this is my branch of service. Please help me get in contact with these men.

Who are our American heroes? I gave a speech at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball November 1998. I mentioned that everyone who is wearing a combat ribbon in the room was an American hero. I then said that I truly believed that anyone who voluntarily was in uniform, who is serving their country was an American hero. I believe that even more today then I did then. You need not have one of the above medals on your chest to be a hero.

I decided to display only the above four medals because they are without a doubt recognized as being Vietnam combat heorism medals and because there are 7 additional medals that can have a combat V and therefore be considered a valor medal. That is to many to handle. Please do not feel I have left you out. To everyone who earned any medal with a combat V, a snappy salute with all the respect I can give you. You should be proud of yourself and I am proud of you.

If you have a Bronze Star or above or know someone who does, will you please contact me and help me get a picture and their citation?