Chris       Chris Noel

From a Hollywood movie star, to becoming the "Voice of Armed Forces" in Vietnam. Her life was filled with Triumph & Tragedy! She was the Pentagons answer to help build morale in the American Troops. As the first woman since World War II to broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, she had a daily show called "A Date With Chris". The communist Viet Cong offered a\\$10,000 reward to anyone who would kill her! "They felt that if they could kill me, it would demoralize the troops". Chris will tell you fascinating stories of Sheer Terror as she was Shuttled with wounded & dying soldiers from combat zones deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. She survived sniper fire, artillery fire and a Helicopter crash!

Chris Noel is an ELECTRIFYING Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Talented Singer & Top Hollywood Actress. Her Inspirational Speaking will Motivate everyone to Total Success. She is also an outstanding Spokeswoman for Veterans, - she makes their cause her cause.


Vetsville Cease Fire House

824 McIntosh Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Chris Sells Autographed Pictures/Posters & her Movie/Vietnam Memorabilia...Write For Current Listings

Chris Noel currently runs Shelters for Homeless Vietnam Vets called Vetsville.