Anti-War And Freedom

Throughout the years I have met many people who I liked from the start. We get to know each other and during the process I will mention that I fought in Vietnam and that I am disabled because of it. Invariably at sometime after learning that, a certain percentage of them will volunteer, "I was completely against the war in Vietnam and was called a hippy. I am against this war in Iraq also." And things to that effect.

At this time in my relationship with them I feel as though I have been stuck with a knife in the ribs and I'm bleeding to death.  Often they will us honesty as the reason they told me. I can never understand what they think I will feel though when they knew ten people in my family fought in the Marines and eleven people in other branches of service. It seems their need to clear their consciousness is more important to them than their understanding of just how cruel it is to me and other combat vets to have it tossed in our faces.

We, combat vets, for the most part, are grieved to the bone by their haphazard confession and for the most part it damages, completely our ability to be friendly with them in the future. I know it does with me.


Without war, there can be no peace. This was true from the earliest Biblical times to the time of the United States and it will remain true even when Christ returns and declares war on sin. Without war, evil creatures will out number good and the world will be in constant turmoil. Calling it turmoil instead of war will not change the fact that it will take a war, led by Christ to bring peach back to the earth.