Chickens, And Other People, Who 
Won't Defend Their Country

Recently I read an article written by draft dodgers and cowards who ran to Canada to avoid being sent to Viet Nam. These cowards who wrote this particular article argued that they were braver and more loyal to their country by refusing to fight than those of us who answered the call and served our country. They argued that they were the brave ones because the refused and /or ran. They argued those who chose to serve their country as they were asked to do were simply ignorant sheep being led to the slaughter. 

 This person has a chest full of medals because I chose to serve my country. There is no brag in that from me but it did occur to me that if I have medals for what I did, it is fair the cowards and draft dodgers get a medal for what they did. So to the left you will find a medal to be issued to all who ran to Canada and any other forms of illegal draft dodging. Also included are active duty servicemen who deserted although I do hope they are still in prison.

Created by Gaylon Wilson.
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